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Your online store is much more than just a venue offering products for sale, it should also gen up customers about your business and invite them to go shopping. Content is king, so make sure you have a good and intriguing story to tell. To facilitate this, SEOshop provides ample content management tools.

Creating text pages

Navigate to SERVICE > Text pages in the left menu of the back office and create convincing content for your online store, such as how it came into existence, your vision, general terms and conditions and/or disclaimer or gen up visitors of your site on payment and shipping methods.

Emails and texts

SEOshop automatically sends e-mails at given intervals, for example when customers place an order or invoices are ready for shipment. You can manage the contents of these emails using the back office, by navigating to SERVICE > Emails & texts.


Are your customers frequently asking the same questions? Answer these on your online store's customer service page. You can create categories, questions and the concerning answers in the left menu of the back office, through SERVICE > FAQ.


SEOshop offers you the opportunity to expand your online store with your own blog (or several of them), which you can use to further develop the relationships with your customers. Enlighten them on interesting novelties, recent developments in your online store or hand them tips concerning intriguing use of products in everyday life. You can manage your blogs using the left menu of the back office, by navigating to SERVICE > Blogs.

Note: We advise against using H1 tags in content pages, because product names and/or titles are already used as such. Avoid confusion and use H2 and H3 tags.
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