EU Law on cookies

Since June 2012, as an owner of an online store, you are required by European law to notify visitors when you want to place cookies, for example to track surfing behavior. Cookies may only be placed with customer consent. Online stores do not require consent for cookies necessary to operate services or an online store, such as files tracking the contents of a shopping cart.

SEOshop itself does not utilize cookies to track visitors. We do use a cookie to store visitor sessions (SESSIONID). This cookie is permitted. If you intend to store cookies yourself, you need to activate the cookie law plugin.

Actual news updates on EU cookie law can be found here.

Cookie law plugin

SEOshop provides a free cookie law plugin, displayed at the top of your website. It is up to customers to accept/decline cookies. In the latter case, the cookies in question will be blocked. The free cookie law plugin can be activated through GENERAL > Settings > Others > Cookie law in the left menu of the back office.

  • Confirmation prompt before cookie use Customers first have to accept cookies in order for them to work.  
  • Show notification, but use cookies A notification is displayed, stating that the online store in question uses cookies. Accepting cookies is not necessary.

Which of the above options applies to your online store depends on what kind of cookies you are using. For more information, please check the ICO website.

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