Modifying your online store's design

The design is one of the first things that catch the eye when visiting an online store. For that reason precisely, it either favorably or adversely affects your sales figures. Your SEOshop online store therefore provides you with several options to modify your design.

Modifying colors and uploading logos

You can modify the colors of your online and mobile store, as well as your emails in the back office. In addition, you can upload logo and header images and modify CSS codes in the Custom CSS tab. You can find these options through GENERAL > Design > Settings.

Choosing a design

SEOshop has its own Theme Store where you can choose from a variety of themes, enabling you to immediately modify your online store's overall design. The settings mentioned above are automatically incorporated. Theme prices vary from free to 15 euro a month. You can find the Theme Store by navigating to GENERAL > Design > Theme Store in the left menu of the back office.

Template Editor

When you possess knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can use the Template Editor to completely modify the design of your online store to your preferences. You can find the Template Editor through GENERAL > Design > Template Editor in the left menu of the back office.

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