Automatic emails to customers

Through SERVICE > E-mails & texts in the left menu of the back office, you can manage all service e-mails, such as order confirmations and invoices. These will be sent automatically when changes in order status or account data occur.

Note: Disable automatic sending of e-mail messages by leaving all fields blank. For more information, please refer to the support page on disabling automatic e-mail messages.

Modify the content

You have full control over the body text of all automatic emails. Everything that you enter in the Contents section, through SERVICE > E-mails & texts in the left menu of the back office, will be copied into their text areas.

Note: You cannot modify the design/layout of emails, solely their contents. Also, keep in mind to add important keys if they are required to automatically send the email in question.

E-mails to be sent

Below you'll find an overview of all manageable service e-mails. Mandatory keys for sending are explained when applicable.

E-mailExplanationMandatory key(s)
Customer approved Sent after approval of a customer's registration with your online store.  
Invoice footer This text is placed at the bottom of an invoice.  
Newsletter double opt-in Is sent to customers to ask them to confirm that they actually want to receive the newsletter. Without the [[confirm_url]] key, the subscription cannot be confirmed.
Notify customer You can notify your customers through E-mail customer in the order dashboard. To do so, you have to enter the message layout through SERVICE > E-mails & texts > Notify customer in the left menu of the back office. The [[message]] key is mandatory and will be substituted with the message text you entered in the order dashboard. In addition you can use the [[firstname]] key to personalize the salutation.
Order cancelled + credit note When orders are cancelled, customers will receive an e-mail containing a credit note. Herein you can indicate the reason for cancellation.  
Order confirmation Sent to thank customers for their order.  
Order Invoice Will be sent if you manually create the invoice in the back office, or resend it to the customer in question. When the invoice is set to immediately or when paid, it will be attached to the order confirmation e-mail message.  
Order paid Customers will receive this confirmation upon payment receipt.  
Order payment reminder You can send a payment reminder by clicking on Send payment reminder in the order dashboard. You can manage the content of this e-mail here.  
Order sent Sent to confirm shipping of orders.  
Order track and trace code You can use this e-mail to send the track and trace code of packages to your customers. [[orderid]] - [[ttcode]]
Account confirmation Use this e-mail to thank your customers for their registration and to give their login information. Use [[email]] to display user name
Contact message confirmation Use this e-mail to notify your customers of receipt of their contact request and your swift response.  
Account password Sent when customers report having forgotten their password. The [[email]] and[[reset_password]] keys are used to send the user name and a reset link for the password
Ticket answered Through their account, customers can ask you a question. When you have answered it, they will receive this e-mail, whereupon they can read the answer through their account in your online store.  


A key is a personalization variable that you can use in your e-mails. It will be substituted with customer data, enabling you to make messages (more) personal.

SleutelUitlegWaar te gebruiken
[[confirm_url]] The confirmation URL used by the customer to confirm newsletter subscription Newsletter double opt-in (obligated)
[[details]] An overview of the placed order, excluding the order id Order confirmed
Order paid
Order invoice
Order cancelled + credit memo
[[email]] The e-mail address / user name of your customer. Account password
Customer approved
Account confirmed
[[firstname]] The user's first name All emails
[[fullname]] This key combines the first and last name. Note: this does not include middle name

All emails

[[gender_salutation]] Sir of madam, depending on the chosen gender in the checkout. Note: Check if you have this option on Obligated or Optional at GENERAL > Settings > Advanced.

Order paid
Order invoice
Order cancelled + credit memo
Order payment notification
Customer approved

[[grandtotal]] The total amount of the invoice. Order paid
Order invoice
Order cancelled + credit memo
Order payment notification
[[invoiceid]] The invoice id number

Order paid
Order invoice
Order cancelled + credit Order payment notification

[[lastname]] The user's last name. All emails
[[message]] The message you have entered in your order dashboard - This key is replaced by the text that you write if you use the Notify customer button to send a message to your customers. This button will reappear in several locations, such as at the right at the bottom in the order dashboard. You can use this key only in the Notify customer e-mail message. Notify customer (obligated)
[[middlename]] The middle name of a customer (e.g. van der) All emails
[[orderid]] The order amount, including shipping costs Order paid
Order invoice
Order cancelled + credit memo
Order payment notification
[[price]] The price of products for which a return shipment has been configured. For example, if two products of €10 each are concerned, this key will be replaced by “€20”. Return status
[[products]] The number of products for which a return shipment has been configured. If a return shipment has been configured for two products, this key will be replaced by “2”. Return status
[[reason]] The reason for return shipment. It may be a new one, or a previously defined standard reason. Return status
[[shipmentid]] The shipment id Order shipped
[[status]] The return status, which may consist of several statuses, such as "In process”. Return status(obligated)
[[ttcode]] The track & trace code. Order track & trace code (obligated)
[[zipcode]] Your customer's postal code. Order shipped
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