Let the customer review your online store

SEOshop provides you with the opportunity to collect product reviews of your customers, enabling them to leave responses concerning your products. If you also wish to collect reviews about your business, SEOshop offers links with several external customer review companies. You can choose from the options listed below:


When customers place an order in your online store, you can use KiyOh to automatically send them an email, requesting a review about your company. They will have the option to state whether they were happy with your service and the product(s) received. This review will subsequently be posted on KiyOh's website and you can show it on your online store through a widget. This way, other people can read about you and may become interested in purchasing through your store.

KiyOh provides feedback monitoring. This means they will see to it that only your customers can leave feedback, but also that you will be notified in time of any negative reviews. If this occurs, you will have a few days to contact the customers in question and to improve their reviews. If this does not work out, the reviews will still be posted.

An additional advantage of KiyOh is, that the average score of your feedback will also be posted as yellow stars with your AdWords ads. This will improve their visibility, even when listed at the bottom of Google search result pages.

Activating KiyOh

  1. Go to the KiyOh website.
  2. Enter your contact details.
  3. You will receive an email with an activation code.
  4. Login at the KiyOh website and enter the details of your company.
  5. Click Home > Uw account (your account) and copy the connector code.
  6. Login at the SEOshop back office and navigate to GENERAL > Settings > Feedback > KiyOh. Enter the following data:
    • The email address you used to register with KiyOh.
    • The connector code
    • The number of days after order placement whereupon you want to send feedback requests to your customers.
  7. Activate KiyOh by ticking the Status check box.

To implement the widget which will enable you to show feedback in your online store, we recommend using the Template Editor. Do you not have experience with HTML and CSS? Feel free to contact us. In addition, in our forum you can also find other SEOshop retailers who might be able to support you.

The Feedback Company

The Feedback Company provides almost the same services as KiyOh, with the distinctive capacity that they manually check all feedback received, a unique feature in the Netherlands.

Activating The Feedback Company

  1. Go to The Feedback Company website.
  2. Enter your email address and URL of your online store and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Enter the details of your company and select SEOshop underneath the Webwinkelplatform (online store platform) option.
  4. The Feedback Company will then send you an email containing the connector code. It may take some time before you receive it.
  5. When you have received the connector code, you can activate The Feedback Company in your back office through GENERAL > Settings > Feedback > The Feedback Company in the left menu.

    • Feedback Company connector code – It will be provided by The Feedback Company
    • Submit review moment – Here you can choose when the “Days to wait” option becomes active, from placing an order or when you have set the status to Sent.
    • Days to wait – The number of days after order placement whereupon you want to send the feedback request to your customers. Enter 0 (zero) if you want to send the e-mail message immediately.
    • Days to wait for reminder – Enter the number of days to pass whereupon a reminder will be sent. This number should be higher than Days to wait. If you wish tos end the first e-mail message after 7 days and the reminder a week after, enter 14 here. Enter 0 (zero) if you do not want tos end a reminder.
  6. Enter the connector code, when you would like to send feedback requests and whether you would like to send them to all of your customers or to new customers only.

Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops is a necessary integration for online retailers active in Germany. The Trusted Shops logo guarantees visitors that your online store complies with German standards for reliable online stores. SEOshop online stores fully meet these directives, thus facilitating you to use Trusted Shops. With this, Trusted Shops is much more than just a feedback service.

Activating Trusted Shops

  1. Go to the Trusted Shops website and click Become a member at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter your contact details. With Audit options you can select when you would like feedback requests sent.
  3. You will subsequently receive a code which you can enter in your back office, through GENERAL > Settings > Feedback > Trusted Shops in the left menu.
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