Back office users

Besides creating your own account, you can also add extra users granted access to the back office here. Use this tool for staff members who assist you with managing your online store. The number of extra users depends on the subscription you have chosen (see below):

2 gebruikers 5 gebruikers 10 gebruikers

Click the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen to create a new user. Fill in all the data and click on Save to add the user. 

Note: It is not possible to create multiple users with the same email address. 

If your online store is managed by a number of users, you can configure administration rights per individual user. Click on a user and allow/decline rights by ticking/deselecting the tick box next to the right in question. Rights consist of access to back office areas. In addition you can indicate user approval in the Status field and till what time in the Expiration date field.

Administrative rights users

If you are the main user of the store, you can configure user rights through GENERAL > Settings > General > Users in the left menu of the back office. You can assign rights per individual user.

If you click a particular user, you can activate rights by ticking/deselecting the associated check box for the right in question. Rights consists of access to specific back office areas.

In addition, you can indicate approval of a given user and if he/she therefore can execute granted rights in the Status field, as well as enter the date when they can no longer be executed through the Expiry date field.

Cost price

The cost price of a product is shown in the Prices and stock Tab, reachable through CATALOG > Products in the left menu and subsequently clicking the product in question. Therefore this option is connected to the catalog rights. If your users do not possess financial access rights and therefore are not allowed to see and / or edit cost prices of products, you can restrict financial access through GENERAL > Settings > Advanced in the left menu.

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