Modifying headlines

Headlines are images that collectively form the slider displayed on your homepage. To modify the slider, navigate to GENERAL > Design > Headlines in the left menu of the back office. Headlines are an excellent tools to show (temporary) promotions. This must be configured for each language separately.

Please note that some themes have a limit of the number of headlines that will show in your online store.

You can add new headlines using the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. If you add several images, together they will form a slideshow. 

  • Titel - the name of the headline. Depending on the chosen theme this will also appear on the headline. 
  • Link to - You can link a header to a category, brand or product. If you opt for Custom in the drop-down menu, you can also refer to an external website. Click Edit to upload the image.
  • Image - click on edit to upload an image
  • Mobile image - click on edit to upload an image for mobile commerce. If you have a responsive theme this is not necessary.

You can always modify headlines by clicking the pencil icon next to the image. The order of headlines can be modified by clicking the blue arrow icon and dragging the image up- or downward.

Compression is applied to each headline. It is used as a system limit, to prevent disadvantageous effects on system performance. If compression would not be applied, for example, your online store would load significantly slower.

Theme resolutions

Absolut 805px x 325px
Ahead 805px x 325px
AMASEO 1140px x 343px
Atik  960px x 350px
Blueprint Premium 1920 x 580
Botein  960px x 330px
Boutique 978px x 340px
Bridge 1000px x 400px
Castor 1000px x 350px
Conform 1138px x 400px
Delta Responsive 820px x 500px
DG Responsive 1170px x 400px
Dresser Responsive 1000px x 341px
DreamCenter 1180px x 536px
Electronics Responsive  1024px x 382px
Essentials 1920px x 500px or 1170px 500px
FashionShop 1600px x 530px
Fusion 820px x 350px or 1140px x 485px
Flat Responsive 1138px x 500px
Instijl Media 940px x 432px
Instijl Media Deluxe 745px x 300px or 1000px x 300px
Instijl Media Supreme -
Justo 750px 500px 
Megastore Responsive  600px x 243px
Sailer 470px x 456px or 960px x 400px
SEOMatic Responsive 810px x 250px
The River 1200px X 400px
Vice 1200px x 970px


Note: For the best result, make sure the size of your images matches the dimensions specified above, otherwise they will either be stretched or compressed. When you upload images that are larger in size, maintain a dimension ratio matching the proportions above. We also recommend the use of images in .PNG format.
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