MultiSafepay fast checkout

With MultiSafepay Fast Checkout your customers can pay in three steps using their Fast Checkout account. MultiSafepay guarantees buyer protection and fast checkout, with a guarantee up to € 200,-.

Modifying MultiSafepay Fast Checkout

To provide MultiSafepay Fast Checkout in your online store, you will first have to enter into an agreement with MultiSafepay. After signing the contract you can activate MultiSafepay and configure its settings through GENERAL > Settings > Checkout & Payment methods > MultiSafepay fast checkout, in in the left menu of the back office. Here you will see the following options:

  • Status - Tick the Activate check box to offer MultiSafepay fast checkout in your online store.
  • Mode - Set MultiSafepay fast checkout to Test phase or Live phase. You will receive separate codes for the test phase. You have to switch the mode to Live phase to make fast checkout available for your customers.
  • Account ID - Enter the data you have received through MultiSafepay here. When creating the account, you will receive this ID.
  • Site ID - The site ID will be sent by MultiSafepay when you create an account.
  • Site Code - The site code will be sent by MultiSafepay. If you haven't received one of the IDS and codes mentioned above, please contact MultiSafepay.
  • Taxes - Indicate the applicable VAT rate here. You will first have to create and configure it through GENERAL > Settings > Country settings > Tax, in the left menu of the back office.

How does it work?

  1. Customers click the Fast Checkout button and login immediately with their email address and password. New customers will have to register only once.
  2. Subsequently, they select a shipping method and the proper delivery address, which is stored into their account.
  3. The final step is choosing the desired payment method. When payment is completed, customers are automatically returned to your online store.
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