An overview of all orders

All orders placed in your online store will be presented in the order overview, which can be found by navigating to SALES > Order in the left menu of the back office. Using the tabs at the right at the top of the screen you can sort by a variety of order statuses, such as Canceled and Shipped. These statuses you can also find next to each individual order, each with their own color. Through the order overview return shipments and tasks can be created immediately, by clicking the truck and task icons next to a given order.

To view order details, you can click the row associated with the order in question, or the i icon next to it.

Bulk action

Select the desired orders by ticking the check boxes next to them and click the With selected drop-down menu at the left at the bottom of the screen to perform a bulk action. You can choose from the following actions:

  • Paid - This will set the order status of all selected orders to Paid.
  • Shipped- This will set the order status of all selected orders to Shipped.
  • Print order invoices - This option will create a PDF file, containing all invoices associated with the selected orders. If credit notes have been created, they will also be added to the PDF file.
  • Print packing slips - This option will create a PDF file containing all packing slips of the selected orders.
  • Send payment reminder - Use this option to send payment reminders to customers that have placed an order.
  • Export product list - This option will create a .csv file of all products associated with the selected orders.
  • Export order to .csv - An export file is made, which contains all data of the selected orders.
  • Print order labels - These are 3 x 11 cm in size. Their size cannot be modified.
  • Cancel orders - This option will enable you to cancel (an) order(s). Note: Cancellation of an order cannot be undone.

All modifications will be applied to the orders selected.

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