Create Product variants [product options]

Do you sell products in your online store that are available in a variety of versions, sizes and/or colors or configuration levels? On this page you can create product option sets, with which you can offer your customers the possibility to order a specific variant of a chosen product. For example garments with colors, size and/or print that can be decided by the customer using drop-down menus, or system configuration of a desktop computer or laptop.

Chosen values of product features you can place in a special set, in SEOshop terminology referred to as a product option set. A product option set may be assigned a chosen name and subsequently linked to products in your range, that possess the features incorporated in the product option set.

Creating product option sets

  1. Navigate to CATALOG > Product options in the left menu of the back office.
  2. Click the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen to create a product option set. A pop-up window opens, where your can enter a Title, being the name of the product possessing the features in the product option set. If you for example sell clothing online, you can create separate product option sets for T-shirts and trousers. To provide you with an example, we will create a product option set for T-shirts. Click Save to create it.
  3. In the following page, you can add value collections to the set in question, in this case Size and Color. Enter Size with Options. Next to it, you will a red stop sign and a green plus icon.
  4. Click the green plus icon to create a value, or the stop sign to delete it. Besides size, we also want to assign a color in the example. To do so, click the green plus icon again. Below the Size input field a new input field will appear, where you enter Color. You now have created to product options (features), size and color.
  5. The next step is adding values. Next to the red stop sign and the green plus icon you'll see Add value in blue characters. Click on it to add the first value.
    Next to the Size option an empty input field will appear. Here you can enter (a) value(s) of a product option, for example S (Small). Click on the green plus icon next to it if you want to add more product feature values. In the case of sizes (S, M, L & XL) you will require a total of four value fields. Repeat this process for other product options, like color.
  6. When you have finished, you will see the table below on-screen (not in your online store):
Options Size S
  Color Black
You can create a maximum of 100n product options, like follows: 1. You have a T-shirt category with two product options, being Size and Color. 2. With Size you have the varieties S, M, L en XL. (four separate value fields). 3. With Color you have the options Black, Red and Blue (three separate value fields). In total, you now have 4 x 3 = 12 product options.

Click Save at the right at the bottom to create the product option set.

Adding a product option set to a product

  1. If the product option set has been edited, new values will not be added automatically. Navigate to CATALOG > Products in the left menu of the back office and select the desired product. You will be taken to the General tab.
  2. Here you will see five drop-down menus, the fourth being Product options. Select the applicable product option set, for the example above that would be T-shirt. Click Save & continue at the right at the bottom of the screen.
  3. You still are in the editing environment of the product in question. Click the tab Prices & stock at the right at the top of the screen. Depending on the number of options you have created, these are either displayed or this field will be blank. If it involves a new product option set, options will be automatically added in the Prices and Stock tab.

Adding values of an edited product option set

  1. Click the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen to add the various options in question or to delete them.
  2. A pop-up window opens,containing all available options, for example Color Blue, Size S or Color Red, Size L. Tick the options you wish to add to the product in question. It could be that not all available options apply to the product, in that case you may omit them. After having ticked all desired options, click With selected > Create product variants. Deleting product options is done in a similar fashion, only then you have to click With selected > Delete product variants.
  3. You now have entered all desired product options and may continue with managing the price and stock per individual product option.
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