Product reviews

You can easily collect product reviews in your online store. These will not be placed automatically, you will first have to approve them through CATALOG > Reviews in the left menu of the back office.

Approving reviews

You can see all new reviews in the New tab. You can approve individual reviews by clicking the green tick to their far right on the screen. Another way is clicking the pencil icon and ticking the Include in catalog option.

Modifying reviews

Click the desired review by clicking the associated pencil icon. You will be presented with the following options:

  • Visibility - Use this option to make reviews visible in your online store.
  • Score - Here you can see customer reviews based on the number of awarded stars (on a scale from one to five).
  • Name - The subject line that customers assign to their reviews.
  • Contents - The body text of reviews, as submitted by customers.

Reviews can also be approved/rejected in bulk. You can do this by ticking the desired reviews and subsequently approve/delete the selected reviews in the drop-down menu at the left at the bottom of the page.

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