SEO data of a product

Besides the title and description fields, which can be found by navigating to CATALOG > Products in the left menu, selecting a product and clicking on the General tab, SEOshop also offers the possibility to enter the meta tags of the product in question. Do this meticulously, this section plays an extremely important role in your online visibility. Contrary to the information found in the General tab, data entered in the SEO tab will not be displayed in your online store, it is solely intended for search engine optimization (SEO), i.e. your visibility in Google.

If you started your online store before May 14th 2014, you will most likely already have entered the information required for the General tab, assuming that it concerned meta tags, which was actually the case. Do not remove this information. If you do not enter data in the SEO tab, the information entered in the General tab will be used. The same applies the other way around. If you already completed the the General tab, and will also enter data in the SEO tab, the latter will be considered “more important”, thus its listed data will be used as meta tags of the product in question.

Note: The information entered in the General tab will continue to exist and this will be displayed in your online store. If you don't enter this information, it could be that your products don't have titles. We recommend completing both pages. If you want your online store to show different information compared to search engines, enter it in General and fill the SEO tab with information that should be visible in search engines.
  • Do not index– If you do not want the product in question to be indexed by Google, tick the checkbox and subsequently save the page. The No index option is useful when your online store is still under construction, or when you have several pages with almost identical content and want to prevent search engines from assuming that you have duplicate content. The page in your online store will not be indexed then.
  • Title – This is the meta title, i.e. the name of the page, in this case the name of the product in question.
  • Description – Provide a short product description here. The meta description will be listed as a page description, underneath the URL. You can use a maximum of 160 characters. Make sure to write a text that reads naturally, instead of merely summing up keywords. If you have already entered a description in the General tab, you can also use it in the SEO tab. It will be used in search engines and displayed as a piece of text within your theme. This will not cause duplicate content. If the description is not displayed in your theme, then you need not keep the description in the General tab.
  • Canonical URL – A canonical URL is a preferred version of pages with similar or identical content. If your online store contains pages which are very much alike or contain the same information, you can add a canonical URL here. Another application scenario for a canonical URL concerns product pages reachable through various URLs. A canonical URL is embedded in the source code of your online store and tells Google which page to index and display in search results. 
    Note: Canonical URLs are only necessary when you have a lot of double content. If your store contains a product page reachable through several URLS and all occurrences of that page have the same content, you can pick one of the URLs as the canonical URL. The product in question will then only be indexed through its canonical URL.
  • Google Category – Products are categorized in Google search results based on their features. Mentioning features however does not guarantee products actually being displayed, but adding a Google category increases the chance of your products being incorporated in relevant categories. You can find an overview of the categories that Google uses here. Copy the desired category and paste it in the Google Category field. A product can be added to one category only.
  • Keywords – keywords are core words describing your product. You can use the same words that you used in the Tags tab of the product in question through CATALOG > Products in the left menu. Keywords equal meta keywords. Contrary to normal tags, keywords are not used in Google.
IMPORTANT! Check that all fields do not contain extra spaces between lines. The template engine will translate them to breaks () in the HTML code, resulting in invalid HTML code in the meta description which will be ignored by search engines. This also applies to the title field, where spaces between lines are not always visible. Copying and pasting from, for example, Microsoft Word, can cause spaces between lines. Basically, you will not notice spaces between lines because text lines are pasted next to each other, however spaces between lines will be present.
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