Prices per country and weight

You can configure prices per country and weight through GENERAL > Settings > Carrier prices in the left menu. This function is connected to integrated shipping methods such as PostNL and bpost.

The prices entered in Carrier prices will exceed those entered in the price matrix of integrated shipping methods such as PostNL and bpost.
  1. Click the green plus icon to create a new shipping group.
  2. A pop-up window will open, in which you can configure a zone and shipping method.
    • Zone– Enter a country or group of countries here, for example, Benelux.
    • Shipping method– Choose a shipping option in the drop-down menu. These are integrated shipping methods, such as PostNL and bpost. They do not work with the shipping method you have created through GENERAL > Settings > Shipping methods in the left menu, because you can already configure a different price class per country there.
  3. Click Save. You will be redirected to the configuration page of the shipping option in question.
    • Status– Activate the status to use this price matrix in your online store.
    • Name– The name you have just entered with This is the country or group of countries this price matrix applies to.
    • Shipping method– The shipping option within the integrated shipping method you use, such as PostNL of bpost.
    • Tax– Select the tax rate that you use for the shipping method here. If you do not see a tax rate listed in the drop-down menu, you will first have to create it through GENERAL > Settings > Tax.
    • Free of charge above– Order shipment is free above the amount entered here, including VAT. For example, if you enter 50 here, all orders above € 50 will be shipped free of charge. In case shipment is never free above a certain amount, enter a very high number here, for example, 10000000 (without commas).
  4. Enter the appropriate weight classes into the price matrix and assign a price to each individual weight class. If you use one single price for all weights, assign the same price to all weight classes.
    • Weight from (gram) – Enter the minimum weight in grams per class here.
    • Weight to (gram)– Enter the maximum weight in grams per class here
    • Price incl. VAT (Euro) – Enter the price per weight class here (in Euro).
    • + Add row- By default, 3 weight classes are listed. If you want to create additional weight classes, click +Add row.

      Make sure the weight sum of ordered products falls within a weight class. If you have specified a weight of 200 gram for a given product and a customer purchases 2, the total product weight sum is 400 gram and should fit in a weight class.
  1. After entering all data, click Save at the right at the bottom.

After entering all data, prices and weights, you must add the countries these prices apply to.

  1. Click the Countries tab at the right at the top of the screen.
  2. The overview lists all countries you can choose from. For example, if you have entered Benelux with Zone and Name, you will have to tick the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  3. Click Save at the right at the bottom.
The shipping costs for the countries ticked here equal the shipping costs indicated in the price matrix. If you want to configure a separate price for each individual country, you will have to create a separate carrier price for each country.
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