General management tools for your online store

In the back office of your online store the main navigation is always displayed on the left, the sub-navigation at the top of the page. This enables you to navigate quickly and easily.

Essential management tools

  • Store - Do you operate more than one online store? If you tick this check box at the left at the bottom of the screen, you can manage several online stores through the same back office.
  • Customer Center - Here you will receive important information concerning SEOshop and have to opportunity to contact our customer service.
  • Search - At the right at the top of the screen you will find a search tool, enabling you to search in your orders, customers and products. You may enter words and numbers here.
  • Notifications - Notifications are displayed at the top with an envelope icon. Maintenance, if applicable, will also be mentioned here.
  • Tabs - A lot of the pages in your back office contain tabs, where you can find detailed settings. Always check for extra tabs, to make sure you will not overlook any tools.
  • Labels - All statuses use colored labels, so you can easily distinguish them. This applies to tickets, tasks, orders, invoices, shipments and returns.

Important buttons

  • Green plus icon - Add (an) item(s).
  • Pencil icon - Modify items.
  • Back Arrow - Return to a previous page.
  • Magnifying Glass - Search tables.
  • Blue 'i' icon - Opens a pop-up help window about the back office part you are currently at.
  • Toolbox - Export and publish changes.
  • Up/Down Arrow - Change the order of items by keeping it clicked while dragging.
  • Printer icon - Use it to download a printable file in PDF format.
  • Yellow Star icon - Enables making an item the default value.
  • Eye icon - Use it to make (an) item(s) visible/available in your online store.
  • Sheets icon - Copy item(s).
  • Red minus - delete item(s).

Shortcut keys

To conclude, you can use the following shortcut keys:

  • Ctrl + shift + a - Add.
  • Ctrl + shift + s - Search table.
  • Ctrl + shift + b - Back.
  • Ctrl + shift + f - Search your online store.
  • Escape - Close open menu(s).
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